Privacy Statement

PROBLEMS of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases inevitably collects certain personal data directly related to the ability to communicate with the participants in the process of scientific publishing and metadata generated by the systems.

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • First, Middle and Last names
  • email address, phone numbers, geographical and IP addresses
  • Institutional affiliations and positions
  • Aliases’ in other published materials, indexing engines etc.

Parts of the data, related to the conventions of scientific publishing, such as names, affiliations and positions, are published and publically accessible only in context of related materials.

Within the system the information is secured with utmost care. Personal data, other than stated above, is not revealed to third parties without prior written consent from the data owner or within the scope of lawful request from entitled entity.

The use of third party services is limited to the functional minimum, while preserving the expected functionality of the systems.

By submitting material or creating a registration within the system user agrees to provide requested personal information freely, to be used for the stated above purposes.