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noroviruses, acute gastroenteritis, diarrhea, vomiting


Acute nonbacterial gastroenteritis is ubiquitous, and noroviruses are considered to be among the most common etiological agents. Noroviruses affect people of all ages. As a rule, infections caused by them are mild and self-limiting within 1-3 days but there is always a risk of a more severe course, especially in infants and the elderly. Being considered as mild and fast transient, noroviruses receive less attention than other infectious pathogens. The clinical and economic burden of norovirus gastroenteritis is often underestimated. Detection of the etiological role of noroviruses is essential not only from the clinical point of view, but also from the economic one because of the damage that norovirus infections cause to tourism and food industry. At present, prevention and counter disinfection measures are the only weapon against norovirus infections.

In this narrative review, results from a non-systematic search on the recent literature on noroviruses are presented. The review describes the basic biological characteristics of noroviruses, their genetic diversity and current classification, as well as the epidemiological aspects of the norovirus infection, its clinical manifestation, the diagnostic approaches, prevention and control measures and current state-of-the art for norovirus vaccine development.

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